Story Behind Palms Asset Management

Story Behind Palms Asset Management

Five years ago Mr. Zweifler was introduced to Mr. Hilghman

George Zweifler

Principal - TCS FLA

Michael Hilghman

Principal - TCS FLA

Mr George Zweifler has been a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley’s High Tech industry for 25 years. He has served in executive capacities in both sales and marketing.

In his most recent venture he was one of the founders of a high tech manufactures rep company that grew to over $300M in sales in 2013.

A True Story behind Our Success

Twenty years ago Mr. Zweifler made his first successful real-estate investment acquiring a small mixed use building in Oakland Ca. –

Five years ago Mr. Zweifler was introduced to Mr. Hilghman (a successful Real-estate Agent and property manager operating in Palm Beach County Florida).

Quote-symbol-e1399901399587They began working together as a team to acquire properties rehab them and fill them with tenants. Mr. Zweifler found that as he shared some of the wonderful investment opportunities he and Mr. Hilghman were discovering in south east Florida with associates in Silicon Valley many of his business associates wanted to know how they could gain access the this market.


Given the very low Cap rates in Northern California, Florida sounded very attractive. Over the last two years the number of requests for a source of managed real-estate investments has grown substantially. Mr Zweifler to devote 100% of his energies to Real-estate. Mr Zweifler and Mr Hilghman have decided to form a partnership focused on locating, rehabbing and managing properties for people that have a full time career but would like access to the stable income only available in real-estate. Today Mr Zweifler and Mr. Hilghman are working to connect investors from the West Coast with sellers in South East Florida creating win , win deals for both buyer and seller.