Choosing the Right Market

Choosing the Right Market

Once you make the decision

that part of your portfolio should be in real-estate then you are faced with choosing a location

As most investors know in real-estate choosing the right market is crucial. We believe South Florida is one of the best investment opportunities in the country for the following reason:

  • Florida is an investor friendly state with no state income tax.
  • With the ocean to the east and the everglades to the west there is limited land available causing a steady increase in prices and rents
  • Palm Beach County has a thriving tourism industry creating 50,000 jobs and driving $3B in spending each year, as well leading the nation in production of sugar and sweet corn. There are also many high tech companies in Palm Beach County and of course elder care and retirees.
  • Finally demographics are in your favor. As people from colder climates retire they will be moving to warm beach front communities such as South Florida driving prices and rents higher and higher.

Now that you have chosen a location you need to choose a partner. We believe we are uniquely qualified to help you generate excellent cash income as well as total returns.