7 Trends Affecting South East Florida

Destination malls,  Investor Crowd Funding and more  apartments  will change the face of Southest  Florida. We are seeing the  rise of denser, more urban areas with a variety of uses.  People seem to be less interested in the traditional suburban environment . “People want a to be surrounded by  activities. Some of the things we …


Make your tenants stay for a loooonnngggg time!

  Property Management companies all have strategies to keep their best tenants, as well as a strategy for tenants who needs to go. You need to make the tenants realize that their property is the best option there is. A good tenant retention plan should be put into action to keep tenants satisfied and happy. …


When is the best time to bring in a Property Management company?

A lot of landlords oversee their property rentals on their own or with the aid of a resident manager. But there are times landlords need more help because not even resident managers can take it all in and that’s when a property management comes in. These are the things landlords should consider in hiring a …


Real-Estate Myth, “Avoid Stuffed Toilets and Clogged Drains”

About 6 months ago I attended at 3 day work shop on Self Storage. Now I have nothing against self-storage.  I f you can find a good facility for sale at a reasonable price then go for it. The income is steady and you can do well.  My issue was with the premise postulated by …


Property Rental Handily Beats Stock Market and Mutual Funds!!!

Stock markets and mutual funds may be taking a back seat, as an investment to real estate.  Real Estate  is the next big thing to watch for, savvy investors prefer it. With the aid of real estate property management firms, landlords can easily generate great returns on their investment by renting out their properties. “At …



There might be signs of a decline but a new report shows that Miami is getting to be the country’s biggest boom-towns in terms of household growth. 13,000 homes are eyed to start construction in Miami-Dade County this 2016, along with the creation of 44,000 new employment. According to the report,  Miami’s growth is three times faster than …


U.S. New-Home Sales Surge to Highest Level in Eight Years

In April sales of new home in the US reached the highest lever since 2008. Highlighs Sales Grew  16.6 percent to 619,000 annualized rate April sales increase was the largest increase  since 1992 The average  selling price grew 9.7 percent to  approximately  $321,100 Homes  under contract climbed to 209,000, the most  since May 2007 Overview …


Spring Home-Buyng Market, Whats in store?

  1.  Selling your house will be easier then buying  a house Inventory of all homes for sale is down over 35% over the last four years. “We are in a time of short supply,”  sellers often get  multiple offers due to the low inventory. Of course that means it tough for  people looking to …


Not All Turnkey Real Estate is the Same

Last Weekend I attended an all day event  which included presentations by  4 different companies on their different turn key models.  Every one of them was different .   The first presentation was by a company that offered no property management , you were totally on your own.   Their model involved putting tenants into …


Screening your Tenants is a key for good Property Managment

  According to a study from Trans Union there is a correlation between Tennants with high eviction rates and tenants that have rents in collections, The study has concluded that  a tenant that has a prior eviction is three times as likely to have addition evictions and collection problems About 21 percent of tenants that …